Pastor Sam Saylor

PastorSamPastor Sam Saylor was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Wichita, Kansas, but has now lived in the Dakotas for most of his life. Upon graduation from High School he moved to Minot, ND to attend Northwest Bible College and graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies in 1973. He is married to Penny and they have two sons and four grandchildren. Pastor Sam has pastored three churches in South Dakota and is the founding pastor of Gateway Community Fellowship.

Pastor Sam believes that the church is a key component to the health of the community within which it serves. With this in mind, Pastor Sam has been involved in volunteer chaplaincy since 1975, including work in a rural hospital, a county jail, an alcohol and drug treatment center, and currently serving in a leadership role within the Bismarck Police Department.

It would be easy for Pastor Sam to tout his credentials and his experience, but more than anything Pastor Sam has a servant’s heart. Those at Gateway know their pastor to be concerned about the things that they care about, in much the same way that he explains God to be.


Brian brings a great deal of talent to Gateway’s worship ministry! He has served as a music educator for several years, ranging from elementary to middle school to now directing the choir at Bismarck High School. Watching Brian in worship, it is evident that he brings a passion for music combined with a passion for worship!


Gateway is blessed to have someone of John’s technological caliber involved in leadership. John works hard to maintain Gateway’s technology, to keep us on the cutting edge, and to help us to reach people all over the world!


Penny has been involved in many facets of education for numerous years in both school and church settings. She brings her wealth of experience to teaching our elementary kids in JOY Church, incorporating active learning with hands on application of the Bible!


Tana has had a heart for kids at Gateway for many years.  She started by working with our kids in the nursery, and now has followed some of “her kids” up to Mini Church, our Sunday morning ministry for kids 3-6 years old.  Spend just a few minutes with Tana and you’ll understand why our kids love her so much!

Tedra and Kristina

Tedra and Kristina bring a youthful exuberance to our AMP’D Kids on Wednesday night (for elementary age kids)!  Combining exciting activities with lessons meant to leave a lasting impact, Tedra and Kristina show their passion for raising kids with an understanding of God’s love!

Troy and Chris

Troy and Chris have been involved with Impact (Gateway’s Youth Ministry) for a number of years and their burden for adolescents is apparent in their lives.  Troy and Chris are excited to see Gateway’s kids grow into teens and its teens to grow into God-seeking adults.